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Good quality Treble Hook Fishing Hook Stainless Steel Hook

Basic Info

Model No.:  origin st-46

Product Description

Model NO.: origin st-46 Number: 4# Location: Sea Color: Colorful Trademark: OEM OR LOTUS Origin: Weihai China Type: Barbed Material: Stainless Steel Shape: Treble Hook Stainless Steel: Different Size Specification: 3-10# HS Code: 950720000 This colorful Fishing hook is our new design 
The one and only fish- attracting treble hooks in the world 
With seductive colors and long lasting anti-corrosion galvanization
There is no way for both fish and you to refuse our brand new hooks
This hook make hook and lure togther .
All the information of the hook :
The choice of a hook,
Into a circle.
Hook, round is also large, increasing the width. The fish hook, hook back plays a main force, hook the differences are mainly reflected on the back of the hook, the most noteworthy. Length of the hook means into the hook after the meat of the depth. Long, with meat deep, but it is not easy to hook into; short, easily into a hook is easy to hook. Hook tip are sharp, but too sharp met a grass what is easy to be hooked, on earthworms is difficult. Barb requirements for clear, long hook back trouble is too short, the losing barb.
Two, the quality of the hook
To catch fish, grass stone, if found hook some deformation, should be abandoned, do not lose, too late for regrets.
Three, the size of the hook
Hook, or hooks good? Actually choose medium-sized hook for good. The so-called medium-sized hook is 7 - 10 between the hook, hook turns and the width is 5 - 7 mm. The adaptability of this hook, the general size of the river, the fish would be. Anglers fishing normal should be prepared several sets of different types of hook line. If the intended to catch fish or fish tournaments, with 10 of the hook, thick line; if it were to catch of wild fish, available, small hook, thread, will have ideal effect.
Four, grinding hook
In the fishing often encounter these situations: handy hook, very high rates of fish on, hook tip bald, reluctant to abandon. In general, hook tip ground into a narrow angle shaped hook to catch small fish. Need not consider too thin hook tip easily broken fishing medium-sized fish hook tip grinding method has two kinds: one is in the shape of a knife edge, from the point of the hook directly grinding come forward to face sharp angle; another is to narrow again sharpened. Fishing for big fish hook tip wear law is curved sharpened, the main consideration the strength and avoid the acute angle of the vulnerable.
Five, the hook line
Hand pole fishing is usually single hook, hook. Also useful for tying a hook line called the brain called the brain line. The length of the line from the hook handle to lead distance. With nylon line tie hook is called the window line, with the nylon suture hook called pia mater line. Line located reaction spirit, suitable for fishing fish. Ruannao line easy to bend, strong scalability, suitable for big fish. Many methods of brain line tie hook, hook is fast, and the tie hook to use scissors and tweezers, do not use hands and teeth to tie hook. The brain line length, according to the fishing class depends on the size of the fish. The brain line should stay longer, the soft line tie hook, than the tie hook line located by short. The brain line left too long, poor responsiveness for fish bait; the brain line had short, fish eat lead to touch the fish's mouth, easy to hook.
Six, the protection of the hook
Hook after use to wipe clean, hook, line to dry, and then wrapped around a pallet or cylinder. To prevent rust spare hook, kept in the compact or bottle, also can be coated with Vaseline, such as oil, outside with the tin foil wrapped into plastic bags in the preservation.
Seven, the selection of the standard hook
There are several aspects of the selection of the hook:
(1) steel is good, sharp sharp hook;
Standard fishing is not bald, not imaginary, sharp and round. When selecting the hand gently contact, should have the feeling of sticky fishing for the best.
(2) fishing for tenacity and flexibility;
Excellent fishing, to withstand the fish struggling and rod pulling force, and the hardness and toughness of should is the best. Therefore, it can be pulled by hand fishing tip, try the elasticity and hardness.
(3) clear barb;
Inverted stab purpose is let the fish swallowed hook, again does not spit fishing. It is by the fishing tip partial lower fishing a diagonal cracking and made of. The manufacturing process is very exquisite, crack is too deep, forming a thorn angle is too large, become warped, not; cracking small, barbed not obvious, not be used. So it is necessary to moderate cracking. Some fish and dorsal spine, at an angle of 30 degrees is best.
(4) to as much as possible some fine, easy to install hook;
Under the same tension, the smaller fish, more easily pierced through the fish's mouth, so a fine Fishing Rod rate higher. Fine fishing to have good anti oxidation layer, using only reliable. Commercially available fish are coated with yellow, black, white, anti oxidation layer, which white is the best.
(5) from the bending of the right;
(6) the hook is equal in size and easy to catch.
Eight different types of hook function
Many types of hooks, type is complex. Different types of hooks have different function. Hook tip introvert types of hooks, fish swallowed inlet is relatively smooth; and as long as the fish swallowed oral, slightly reaction activity, hook immediately thorn in the fish body, generally the sting hanging also more firmly.
Hook hook tip extroversion type, suitable for fishing for wild fish, lethality is also strong.
Hook tip short hook easily penetrate into fish. Fishing tip of the long side of the hook generally the sting too deep into the fish body is not, and is easy to produce the hook tip fracture phenomenon.
If you want to catch sensitive fish, it should adopt the hook and the hook shaft is not in the same plane as the so-called "crooked mouth hook". To catch a strong fish, you should use the hook handle longer. This is a hook piercing fish hook deep, firm; two the swallow hook is deep, select long hook is convenient. The location of longline fishing, generally should choose the hook hook hook tip inward, narrow, can hang needling firm, fishing with pasta catch rate is high. It is reasonable to select the short hook, earthworm, silkworm sand fishing facilities etc. when you use the long hook. Under normal circumstances, should choose a short hook, it is easy to use for bait masked camouflage, not to identify the fish hook and bait to increase the catch rate.
Nine, the identification and application of fishhook
There are many kinds of fish, referred to as "the entertainment for the fishing hook." at home and abroad on the hook production have no uniform standard, so at present on the market in the hook not only brand, and each brand has a variety of specifications. Its brand name is very interesting for some reason, some of the names; place names; some take the hook shape name; and the fishing fish. What name hook size are distinguished by numbers, but these numbers really don't mind that, for example, some hook is big, some is just the opposite, the greater the number and the hook is smaller. As for the hook shape is: all kinds of hook handle length, the hook has a narrow width, the length of the hook tip is, there is some biased, the hook tip eversion, some inner buckle. Some barbed hook, no barbed barb, some Long in the back. The hook hook handle, the handle end of some flat, some handle end band, some curve shape, some hook on the handle with a single hook hook pendant. In addition to ordinary, there is a hook and connected back-to-back or connected with a coaxial hook, even three anchor hooks to five anchor hook. But one can be sure: the shapes of the hook, is not a novelty figure made to watch, it is based on some special needs of fishing in carefully designed. For example, long shank hook strap barbed, used for insects, grass is not easy to fall off; hook handle curve and circle is to tie hook hook handle firmly, with a fall in the sky hook. The hook is connected and multi angle hook are considered from the point of view can catch the fish. Fishing friends if you are interested, may wish to investigate their purpose, may promote their fishing skills improve.
Ten, identify the pros and cons
The hook is good or bad, from its appearance, the three aspects of the structure of quenching and hook to identification.
First look at the appearance: hook has black, white, gold color, no matter what kind of color, bright color, hook smooth, absolutely pit rough hemp eye.
Transverse to the bottom of the fault to check its hardness, which is a fish hook quality is very important. Hook the hardness is good or bad, is in the production process of materials and quality, technology is superb embodied. Such as quenching, quenching excessive, hook crisp, breaking it off; quenching is not enough, the hook is weak, a bye straight. The straight hook, can not be used. Check the available to small pipefish clamp from the hook clamp on the hook tip, and then use the thumb pushes the hook handle, such as a push down, or nudge, afterburner is broken, it is not a good hook. The hook should be with the hook size, fishing section thickness, its hardness, and in promoting let go after reset, showed good elasticity.
One tip of the hook hook hook hook structure. Each hook has a fixed shape, when the choose and buy to see their structure is reasonable, the production is in accordance with the standard. The hook shank end of file line head if it is flat, it uniform thickness, edge should have a certain thickness, or like a thin knife, to cut the brain line. The tip of the hook to correct, not excessive valgus buckle, even if it is specialized in the production of "partial mouth hook, the hook tip is not excessive skew. All require sharp, blunt, not empty tip. A barbed hook, barbed Erythroculter cleft is not too large or too small, Alice's position in the third place is appropriate.
In the procurement of the hook, such as do not understand models, a stupid way, contrast is real, buy the same size hook
Eleven, the amount of fish hooks
 Can clinch the fish. Exactly use what kind of strategy, which depends on the specific circumstances of the time. But fishing hand subjective choice often play a major role.
Some fishing fraternity with medium-sized hook, they think that between the size of the hook

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